Well I have just come back from having nipple reconstruction and once again feel it would be beneficial to describe the procedure for those women who may need this surgery.

Big and I arrived at the John Radcliffe at 9am and at 9.30am I walked into the side room attached to the theatre. Mr.Coleman was there dressed in his official scrubs (slightly unnerving) and asked me to get unchanged. As I stood there in my pants, he carefully drew on my boobs, marking out where the nipples would go and making sure the marks were symmetrical! I was then handed a gown and escorted into the theatre.

Now normally I would be awaiting the usual routine of canulas and general anaesthetics but today I was conscious throughout. I lay on the bed looking around the room at the computers and lights and trolleys and general equipment. Mr.Coleman then started to clean my abdomen with swabs then inject my boobs with local anaesthetic and also my side (where he was going to remove a small piece of skin from my scar). My boobs are numb so that was pain free and my side just stung a bit, but once again there was no real unbearable pain. A sheet was then put up in front of my face so I couldn’t actually see what was happening, I could only feel, listen and smell!! All very surreal as I became aware that he was cutting open my boob and then using a laser torch to burn off the surrounding tissue. This produced a rather unnerving sound of burning and I tried desperately to concentrate on Michal Booblie that was ironically playing in the background!!! Images of Christian Grey and that sodding book came to mind as well – “Five hundred and fifty shades of black” more like it! From the disk of tummy skin on my boob, he made incisions and then lifted the skin up, turning it, raising it and stitching it into a risen bump.

Different equipment was requested as nurses hovered like bats over me. I managed to make conversation throughout – but was also aware that I didn’t want to distract Mr.Coleman too much in case he put my nipples in the wrong place or made a third by accident!! After about half an hour Mr.Coleman then walked around the table and started working on the other side. This was the side with my appendix scar on so it took a little longer as he worked out how to keep a blood supply going right to the tip and managed to make the protrusion slightly longer in case the end should die off. The skin from my side was then removed and he sewed me back up. I was very curious by then and dying to see what it all looked like, especially as the nurses were all commentating on how clever it all was, and so I was allowed a quick peep before the dressings were applied.

Well, they are AMAZING!! Just two simple little knots of skin that already resemble the rugged texture of a nipple. Although I have breast fed both my children I don’t really remember ever studying my nipples in that much detail but all I can say is this pair are neat, perky and facing North rather than South. Two rather alarmingly large foam pads were stuck on top and then waterproof dressings applied and then I stood up and walked out of theatre. My dressings are square foams with holes in them to allow the nipples to poke through so not quite as alarming as conical armour-like ones! However, I am conscious that my bra is bulging with foam and for the next 6 weeks I actually have square like nipples. Nothing a scarf or pashmina can’t hide though.

So……..once again…it was easy and nothing to worry about. No pain, only 2 hours in hospital and then home. I can have a bath, swim etc. The dressings will slowly peel off after a few days and I will need my nipple protectors tucked into my bra for the next 6 weeks or so. As with all my operations the waiting and anticipation was the worst bit. My journey is so nearly finished. I am booked into the tattooing clinic in December and that is just to colour in these “knots” that he has made me today.

I tell you, I have the best, roundest, firmest, pertest most perfect boobs in Newbury and even more so now the cherries have been put on the top!



25/07/2013 13:13

This is a big experience you have given to us. This blog will be of great help for many women who are too scared and shy to get a cherry on top. The way the article is drafted is very clear and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing this page.


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