Now I look like I've been in a ring with Mike Tyson but it actually doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it should! If that makes sense?!

Big and I arrived at the John Radcliffe hospital at 7am and we were then seen by my two favorite people -surgeon Mr.Coleman and Jane Quinlan.

Shortly after 9am I was then taken to theatre.

I had got myself so worked up over the last few days leading up to this minor op but yesterday I felt calm and I wasn't frightened. It was agreed that they would tidy up both ends of my abdomen scar, carrying out liposuction to both boobs, open up the vertical wounds running under each boob to tighten up the shape and finally to lipofill a slight crease at the top of my left boob!!

I said goodbye to Big but neither of us were tearful this time and I walked into theatre. That bit is always a bit strange, lying there feeling so normal but knowing I was about to go unconscious. Jane put the cannula in and then we agreed that I was going to imagine Jemma and Ben skiing down a beautiful slope in the Alps. I was expecting to go under within seconds but was happily talking about them serenely gliding down the slope and nothing was happening! I asked Jane whether this was normal and she nodded and eventually my head went woozy and I smiled saying "ok, here we go".

I woke about 3 hours later feeling like someone had darted me with an elephant tranquilizer! But I was in no pain - the lady is a genius!!! As usual my blood pressure was very low and I was aware that I was being monitored very regularly as my arm was grabbed and the pressure gauge wrapped round it.

On either hip I have two big white dressing and already the telltale black bruises are beginning to leak up and down my sides. I have white plasters under my boobs and then just deep bruising running under my arms and round the sides of my boobs. I was desperate to leave the hospital as I knew that it would be far less complicated for the children if I was just there to read them a bed time story and they could see that I was fine. The staff were eager for me to stay overnight as I was still completely exhausted and blood pressure low but having promised to come straight to bed we were off in the car and on our way back to Newbury.

Today I am spending the day in bed - this feels very indulgent but I also recognise that I am sore and tired and perhaps, for once, I need to just give in for a bit.

Considering this bit of surgery was completely for cosmetic reasons, my mother asked me " are you ok? Was it worth it?" to which I replied " yes and defininetly!".

This is a funny journey to be on and I can see the finishing posts just round one more lap. Nipples can not be formed for another 6 months now and then they will be tattooed and then I will run through that finishing ribbon with pride. For other women at this point, post- mastectomy but considering final tweaking and tidying up, I would urge them to do it. There has to be some positives and if we are now given the opportunity to have really neat, pert boobs with flat tummys then I think we deserve it!




30/04/2013 13:17

I have a relative who had the same disease! She suffered a lot with it! I know that! Her family was in full support with her and gradually she recovered. There is something very important when we face a disease especially cancer! If we don’t get enough support from the family members that can hurt us more than the disease itself!


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